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Welcome to this equestrian farm situated in Saintonge, in the depth of Cognac country, nearby the ocean. Jean-Renaud and Catherine suggest you come and share their passion in a convivial atmosphere and then, relax in company with horses, ponies and humans!

Their equestrian farm has offered you multiple activities for more than 20 years.
Where  is the equestrian farm of Val de Seugne carriage & caravans   CARRIAGES
Savour the quietness of the Seugne and Charente rivers in horse-drawn caravans and carts…
equestrian centre pony club   EQUESTRIAN CENTRE - PONY CLUB
You can go riding on our horses and ponies, and learn to ride in career or in arena…
breeding merens   BREEDING
Discover and treat one of the most beautiful thoroughbred horses to you: the "Merens".
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